Auto Lease Buyout Loans

Do you love your leased vehicle so much you want to keep it?

Honest Car Payment can help you determine whether or not an auto lease buyout is your best option, or if you’re better off returning your leased car or truck. If you decide to buy, we’ll provide a plan to finance the purchase so that you get the best deal possible.

How Does an Auto Lease Buyout Work?

Buying a leased car is typically done with an auto loan (just like a regular car purchase) but it’s also possible to pay cash. Your options depend on the specific terms of your contract, but there are generally three choices:

Lease-end buyout

Most car leases give you the option to either buy the vehicle at the end of the lease or return it.

Early lease buyout

It may also be possible to buy your vehicle before the lease is up, depending on your contract.

Returning your vehicle

If the car isn’t worth the price, we’ll recommend you return it at the end of your lease.

We Can Help You Decide Which Option Is Right for You

When it comes to auto lease buyouts, our process is simple and straightforward. First, we help you decide whether to buy or return your leased vehicle. Then, we can help you get the best possible deal on a loan to finance your purchase.

When to Buy vs When to Return

Here’s how it works: We start by learning about your vehicle and your lease contract. Then we analyze your situation and provide a plan for purchasing the car or dropping the lease. Our goal is to give you all the information you need to make an informed choice, and we only move forward if you approve the plan we propose.

When making our recommendation, the biggest consideration is the difference between your leased vehicle’s current value and the buyout. You don’t want to pay more than the car is actually worth, so if the buyout is higher than the vehicle’s value, it’s usually not worth buying. Many different factors can influence the vehicle’s value, and potentially your decision to buy or return it:

Consider a lease buyout…

  • When you have low miles or have significantly exceeded your mileage limit (which can result in fees when you return the car)
  • When you’ve taken great care of the car and you know it’s reliable and in good condition
  • When the car is a perfect fit for your needs and lifestyle
  • When you can afford the car and are able to get a good deal on an auto lease buyout loan

Consider returning…

  • When the vehicle was in an accident and dropped in value
  • When your lifestyle has changed and the car isn’t the right fit for you anymore
  • When the car is out of your price range
  • When you can get a better deal on a different car
  • When the manufacturer is offering rebates for lease returns

Finding the Best Auto Lease Buyout Loan

If you decide to purchase your leased car or to return it and buy another car, we can find you a great loan deal that saves you money and helps you avoid the interest rate markup by the dealership. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Get pre-qualified

The process is quick, secure, and easy. You can complete the entire process online in minutes.

Step 2: We find you the best financing possible

We search our network of hundreds of lending institutions and negotiate with the dealership to get you the best auto loan deal available.

Step 3: We contact you with your loan terms

We’ll present our recommendation to you clearly in writing within 2 business days. Our approach is open and transparent—no hidden fees, no loan markups, and no surprises.

Step 4: You drive home in a car you own

We’ll handle the paperwork while keeping you fully informed. You’ll be all set with a vehicle you own and great, affordable loan terms to help you pay it off.

Why Work with Honest Car Payment?

Our goal is to make it easier, less stressful, and more affordable to own your car.

Working with Honest Car Payment is different than working directly with the dealership. The dealer’s goal is maximum profit for the dealership, not for you. At Honest Car Payment, we work only for you, and we don’t take any money from dealerships or banks. This allows us to put your interests first and work on your behalf to find you the absolute best deal available. Our network of hundreds of lending institutions makes it possible to find you the best loan terms with the lowest payment possible.

Ready to Get Started?

Want to find out if an auto lease buyout is right for you? We’ll give you an honest assessment of your situation and present you with a comprehensive plan to either purchase your leased vehicle or return it. 


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