Frequently Asked Questions About Refinancing Your Car


Why should I refinance my vehicle?

Simple…lowering your monthly payment will save you money! Life happens and your credit may have experienced some bumps and bruises. You’re not alone. At Honest Car Payment we have access to numerous lenders, ensuring you’re getting the lowest terms possible on your auto loan.


I’ve refinanced my home mortgage; can the same thing be done with my auto loan?

Absolutely! It’s like restructuring your home mortgage to a lower payment. Honest Car Payment specializes in refinancing auto loans, which could possibly save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.


Can Honest Car Payment refinance my truck?

Honest Car Payment can refinance cars, trucks, SUVs, and RVs. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to refinance commercial vehicles, motorcycles or lease buyouts.


What do you need from me to refinance my auto loan?

Fill out the brief application which provides us with general information about you, your current auto loan, your vehicle and any auto warranties. This information helps us find the best terms you qualify for with our lending partners.


Will refinancing my auto loan affect my credit score?

After submitting the application, a soft credit inquiry will made which has no impact to your credit score. If you choose to move forward with refinancing your auto loan, a hard inquiry will be made which will be recorded by the credit bureaus.


Do I keep making my existing car payment while working with Honest Car Payment?

YES! Please continue to make your existing car payment. Once approved, an Honest Car Payment manager will walk you through the next steps.


Remember, we’re only a phone call away to assist with additional questions. Call today at (808) 534-1234 or send us an email.