Auto Loans for New & Used Cars

You want to get the best price for your new car, and you’re willing to spend weeks to find it. But just as important as finding the best price for your car is finding the best car loan to finance your purchase.

The truth is that unless you are planning on paying for your new vehicle in cash, you owe it to yourself to shop around for the lowest car loan rate as well. Choosing the wrong car loan can cost you, and the dealer’s financing is always the wrong car loan!

Don’t hate yourself for falling for the dealership’s high auto loan rates. Learn how to save money on your auto loan financing with Honest Car Payment!

Why Getting Car Loans From the Dealership May Be a Very Costly Mistake

Choosing auto loan financing from the dealership is a big mistake.

Car dealerships make the majority of their profits through kickbacks from banks in exchange for steering new customers their way. That kickback can wind up costing you hundreds of extra dollars which should be in your pocket.

Despite how friendly a manager may seem or how much he pretends to be on your side when it comes to getting the best new car loan rate, at the end of the day, who do you think he wants to come out ahead? You or the dealership? You probably already know the answer.

Is There a Better Way to Find Auto Loans?


Yes, there is. Honest Car Payment dedicates itself to helping its customers negotiate the best car loans possible. Whether you are looking to buy a new or used car, Honest Car Payment makes loan shopping simple and stress-free.

So, what’s our secret? Unlike loan officers who have a vested interest in you signing the highest interest rate possible, Honest Car Payment doesn’t earn a penny from the lenders. Instead, we work on your behalf to find the lowest rates and best terms available. With Honest Car Payment everything is transparent.
Honest Car Payment works for you to secure you the lowest possible interest rate and monthly payment by searching our network of lenders and negotiating with the dealerships.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1:

Get pre-qualified, so you have the security of knowing how much you can afford to pay for your new vehicle. This allows you to save time by not looking at cars out of your price range. It only takes a few minutes to apply, and the website is encrypted to protect your personal financial information. Complete the entire process online whenever you’re ready.

Step 2:

Once you pre-qualify for a loan, send us the details about the car you want to buy then sit back, relax, and let us work our magic. Our experienced negotiators will go to work to get the best financing possible.

Step 3:

Throughout the entire process, Honest Car Payment will keep you informed. With our open and transparent approach to financing, you are guaranteed to know what’s going on throughout the process. There’s no hidden fees, no loan markups, and absolutely no games. We will clearly show you how much you are saving compared to financing through a car dealer.

Step 4:

Once you have your car loan in hand, all you have to do is drive home your new vehicle. Avoid the usual hassles or intimidation and get the vehicle you want at a loan rate you can afford.

Did You Already Buy a New Car?

It’s Not Too Late to Get Better Financing

Do you think that the car dealership took you for a ride on your existing auto financing? You don’t have to live with a bad car loan. In the same way that you can refinance your home’s mortgage, it’s possible to secure a better rate for your auto loan.

Honest Car Payment can help:

  • Get the ball rolling. Start the process by sending a copy of the current finance contract and car registration along with a photo of the odometer to
  • Enter your personal information and agree to a soft credit check. This credit check is secure and will not affect your credit score.
  • Let Honest Car Payment get to work first by searching for overcharges or other potential refunds in your current financing. After we get you any money you deserve back, we will start looking for better deals for refinancing your loan.

Why Finance Through Honest Car Payment

It’s obvious that car loans from dealerships are just a bad idea. But how is Honest Car Payment any better? At Honest Car Payment, we’re paid by you, not the dealer, not the lender, and only after we’ve secured you a new auto loan. We work for you, and don’t earn a commission based on the loan rate, so you can rest easy knowing we will never jack up the rate or charge additional fees.

Our transparent business model means that what we make on each deal is written in the contract. So it’s clear how much you’re paying, and how much you’re saving. We provide you with full access to all loan details, and any kickbacks from the lenders are passed along directly to you the customer!
Our goal is to make car buying less stressful. Buying a car should never make you feel confused or intimidated. At Honest Car Payment, we’re on your side and will work for your best interest, and answer any questions you have honestly.
Don’t let your car loans cost you more than they should. Whether you are looking to purchase a new vehicle or want to get a better rate for an existing car loan, call 808-534-1234 to talk to a qualified loan specialist or get the process started online.